Year 4 Zoom Call with Choy Aming

The Year 4 students have recently begun their PBL project on Habitats. Exploring the driving question “How can I as an environmentalist recreate the perfect habitat?” the students are selecting different habitats from around the world, and researching not only the animals within these habitats but different aspects of their selection. Students will collaborate and design the perfect habitat based on their research. To kick off our exciting project, the students had a Zoom interview with Choy Aming on 30th September, where they compiled questions for him. Each class asked questions about a variety of topics, such as, his career tagging sharks, animal migration patterns, pollution and its effects on our ocean life, and much more. They thoroughly enjoyed this Zoom meeting, and it has created even more excitement to work on creating their own habitats.

We can't wait to see their PBL projects!