Teqball Takes Off at Saltus!

Last week, the recently formed Bermuda Teqball Federation loaned Saltus a Teqball table for the introduction of this very fast-growing sport. Teqball is a highly skilled game that is similar to table tennis, but players can only use their feet and other body parts besides hands and arms.  The game can be played in singles or doubles. 
Director of Athletics, Mr. Darrin Lewis shared, “I was introduced to Teqball about four years ago at a National Soccer Coaches Conference in Indianapolis.  I immediately thought that I needed to get a few of these tables for Saltus!”  However, at that time, tables were expensive and portable versions were not available. 
Mr. Lewis attended another conference last November where they were really promoting Teqball.  At this conference, Robert Pires, former French International and Arsenal player was providing demonstrations on Teqball - really adding to the wow factor!
With lighter, more portable tables now available, Mr. Lewis began his quest to get a few for Saltus.  During the planning stages, he was contacted by Mr. Gary Adams, who is heading up the Teqball charge in Bermuda, asking if Saltus would want a Teqball table compliments of the Bermuda Teqball Federation.  The table has been delivered and the students are really enjoying the challenge of learning the game of Teqball.