International Girls in ICT Day

Saltus has a rigorous Computer Science programme covering many exciting topics. There are thousands of tech jobs out there, some current and some we don’t even know exist yet in the likes of Fintech and Big Data.  These jobs could be filled by women and here at Saltus we are nurturing and inspiring girls (and boys) to embrace Computer Science and Technology. All students in Saltus Middle School study computing and many take this further into senior school and beyond. 

Quotes from some current female students: 

"I am a GCSE Computer Science student.  I love Computer Science for many different reasons, the main one being that it requires problem-solving. It is also very creative since you can do almost anything from putting satellites in orbit to building an app. My favorite unit is programming because it teaches you to think and to look at things differently. I think having women in Computer Science is extremely important; the first computer programmer was a woman. Technology is the future and, it is up to us to make sure it is diverse and inclusive. Woman identify and solve problems differently than men do. So if we had, had more women in computer science in the last 50 years, who knows where we would be today." 

"I am a GCSE Computer Science student. I am 1/3 girls in my class.  I love Computer Science in different ways. The main reason is that I like to create/build things. That can be whether it is coding to build a website, coding to build a game. the other reasons are the problem solving, some questions look like they are hard but the answers are actually in your face. another reason is to find out how different people code, this could be how they programed robots, how google works, or even how people hack and how to prevent it. I think having women in computer science is good and can show that we can have equal quantities with what we like to do. Oh! and one more thing...By 2030 we will have a over 20 million jobs that robots can take over, just a fun fact."  

"I am a highschool senior currently enrolled in Honors Computing. Before this course, I took GCSE ICT for 2 years. I love computing because it incorporates much more than just the technical side of things. This class has taught me how to plan and execute the design of a product over an extended period of time. It's made me familiar with website designing and simple code. Having women in computing is important because women should be involved in every aspect of our world. As Ruth Bader Ginsburg put it, "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made. It shouldn't be that women are the exception." 

"I am currently a highschool senior finishing up my year with honours computing on my belt. Previously, I took IGCSE ICT. I believe that this course helped me in many aspects. It taught me organisation, time management and much more about the world of computers than I thought. It has taught me about different applications and their purpose along with various technical skills. Unfortunately, computing and tech have been referred to as a 'man's job' which is simply untrue. I am very pleased that more women are getting into the computer industry and I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to this subject." 

They are celebrating 10 years today! To learn more about them, click here to view their page

"Through International Girls in ICT Day, we work with partners build awareness about the gender digital divide, support technology education and skills training, and encourage more girls and young women to actively pursue careers in STEM." - ICT website