Heritage Month Mini Floats

Some of the classes in the Upper Primary Department participated in the Heritage Month Mini-Float Challenge. 
Mini-Float categories included: Best Art Float, Best Natural Heritage Float and Best Upcycled Float.

5W - created the Coral Reef & Sea Venture Float (1st Place)
Saltus Grammar School, class 5W has been learning about the Sea Venture. After class discussions, we decided to do our mini float to show how Bermuda has been resilient from the finding of our country. The survivors of the Sea Venture were resilient because they had to survive from whatever they found on land and what they were able to salvage from their shipwreck. We also know that our coral reefs are very important to Bermuda's environment and that shipwrecks are used around the world to help create new coral reefs. This is why we decided to use this design for our Bermuda Heritage Mini Float. 

4R - created the Bermuda House & Moongate and St. David's Lighthouse Float (2nd Place)
Year 4R created a mini float showing the resilience of Bermuda's buildings (house, lighthouse, moongate) as they can stand strong during hurricanes.  They also included the cahow because of the increase in population and they shared that the Bermuda longtail can withstand and survive during our hurricane season.

4M - created the Bermuda Settlers Float (2nd Place)
The students in 4M created this incredible float. They chose to show houses built by our first settlers, and then the progression into our new homes built with limestone, particularly after the original homes were affected by hurricanes. They had a wonderful time creating this float and learning about Bermuda and how we have shown resilience as a country !

4F - created the float showing how Bermuda is resilient to Hurricanes (Participant)

Our Year 3 classes also created mini-floats! The Year 3 floats resemble the resilience of Bermuda‘s coral reef and my class for example focused on how we protect our parrotfish that clean our beautiful reefs all day long.

3D: We, 3D from Saltus Grammar School, had a fantastic time building our replica of the Bermuda Coral Reef. We wanted to represent the resilience of Bermuda's flora and fauna by displaying and showing facts about it's coral reef and fish!  During our inquiry lessons we have been learning a lot about coral reefs and we were intrigued by the Parrotfish. We were surprised and very sad to hear that in other countries Parrotfish are being (over)fished. With this project we wanted to show how the Parrotfish here in Bermuda keep our reef healthy and clean and therefore support a healthy coral reef community around the island. We also included two Groupers as they are important predators and keep the population under control, as well as other fish and coral as they are all part of our resilient coral reef community.

3A: This term, our Inquiry big idea was Community. Our research, wonderings and interests landed us on an in-depth study of coral reefs. We have continued to relate our learning back to our big idea of Community and we are so excited to present our float to you. We hope you enjoy. 

3B also submitted an Art Float. 

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