Year 6 Student Leaders

This morning, the Year 6 students had a ceremony to name their new student leaders - Prefects, Deputy Prefects, House Captains and Vice Captains!

The Head Prefects, Alyssa and Vincent were there to congratulate the Year 6 students!

Assistant Director of Upper Primary, Jesse Sheppard stated that "our Y6 students are already fine examples of our vision a Saltus, as they aspire to lead us to a more just, fair and sustainable world. They have demonstrated their desire to lead our department with empathy, compassion and a sense of community. I am proud of each of our Year 6 students and look forward to continuing work with them throughout the academic year." 

Photo 1 - Prefects and Deputy Prefects (one student missing from photo - she is on the laptop!)
Photo 2 - Watlington House (one student missing from photo)
Photo 3 - Saltus House (one student missing from photo)
Photo 4 - Butterfield House (one student missing from photo)
Photo 5 - Darrell House

Congratulations to these students but to all Year 6 students! You are going to achieve some pretty remarkable things this year!

(We will be getting complete team photos, once everyone is back!)