A visit from Dr. Mark Guishard

The Entrepreneurial Studies class has recently been studying the United Nations Agenda for Sustainable Development regarding taking action to combat Climate Change.

Dr. Mark Guishard, Chief Administrative Officer of the Bermuda Airport Authority and a Chartered Meteorologist with 20 years’ experience of Atlantic Hurricane Risk visited the students to give updates on how Global Warming, driven by an enhanced Greenhouse Effect, is a leading influence of Climate Change.

Dr Guishard opened his talk by noting the increase in the frequency and the intensity of hurricanes in the Atlantic this past twenty-five years.

“Dr. Guishard also explained how warming ocean temperatures and sea level rises will affect Bermuda’s supply chain” noted student Hamish M.  “By the year 2050 increases in sea levels many affect the Port of Fernandina in Florida, putting parts of the port underwater.”

Ships sail regularly to Bermuda from Port Fernandino with supplies for Bermuda.

Dr. Guishard explained to the students how Catastrophic Risk Insurance is assessed and implemented by Companies in Bermuda based on statistics generated by the effects of Global Warming.

“It was a fascinating talk” added student Chloe Bennett.  “Dr. Guishard also told us that stronger Jet Stream winds will reduce the amount of time it takes to fly from Bermuda to UK and how Disaster Risk and Climate Finance will be part of an increasing Business in International Companies in Bermuda.”

“Listening to Dr Guishard ‘blend’ Climate Control and Insurance Risk in Bermuda was a wonderful learning experience” concluded student Chloe B.   He showed the class a complete picture of how world patterns are changing and how it relates to Bermuda.”