Middle and Senior School Sports Day Results

Sports Day results for Middle and Senior School will be updated here! 

Let's find out the latest results: 

Results and Scores after Day 1 
Combined Team Scores:
1 - Saltus House (525.5 points)
2 - Darrell House (456 points) 
3 - Butterfield House (412.5 points)
4 - Watlington House (378 points) 

Field Results: Click here

We had a new record set today by Katherine Bean-Rosario (SGY1) of Saltus house.  She broke a 22 year old record in the Over 16 girls 600g javelin.  The old record was 27.21m and Katherine threw 29.11m. Congratulations Katherine.

Stay tuned for more results from Friday's events and the final house standings!