Kids on the Reef Programme

Year 9 students have had the unique experience of participating in the Kids on the Reef programme curated by the Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo (BAMZ). Students participated in advisory groups during the month of October and November as a teambuilding activity with the opportunity to explore the beauty of the ocean that surrounds our island.
About the programme (provided by BZS):
Kids on the Reef is a two-day immersive programme at BAMZ run by the Bermuda Zoological Society to build confidence, increase ocean appreciation, and promote ocean stewardship using snorkelling and freediving. Each day starts with a classroom session to tackle ocean challenges, fish identification, coral reef ecology and freediving theory. They participate in body stretching and breathing techniques to prepare for their time out in the water. The first water immersion is a shallow snorkel around Trunk Island and the second day is a deeper session with basic freediving skills on the outer reef.