Alumni Spotlight: Kenni Thompson '18

Kenni Thompson ‘18
Professional Footballer and Coach for AFC Bournemouth
Where are you now and what was your path to get there?
I left Bermuda when I was 11 years old and have lived and played football across Spain and England over those eleven and a half years. I’ve played for teams like FC Barcelona, Chelsea FC and Espanyol along with other great clubs. I’m currently in England playing and coaching at AFC Bournemouth and have recently come back home to represent Bermuda at international level.
How did your experience at Saltus impact you?
I attended Saltus from Year 1 through to Year 7 and it was there that I was able to have the opportunity to have many different experiences from being part of the school band to representing Saltus in athletics and football. I’m grateful for the number of diverse interests that I picked up from classes and clubs at school that I still enjoy today as a now 23 year old. I’ve always been a bit of a shy person, but being in leadership roles during my time at Saltus has prepared me well for when I have had to step up whether on the pitch playing, coaching from the side or in society in general helping people and doing my best to make positive choices. I’ve made some mistakes along the way and have learned from them.

What advice would you give Saltus students who are interested in reaching similar goals today?
One piece of advice that I will always give no matter what is to ‘do what makes you happy’. I’ve had a rollercoaster of experiences since my time at Saltus and they’ve always brought me back to that. You must always work hard and push yourself beyond your comfort zone to get what you want in life but… never sacrifice your happiness.
Kenni Thompson, Class of 2018