Alumni Spotlight: Granville Gibbons '73

Granville Gibbons ‘73
Project Management Professional and Dedicated Grandfather
Where are you now and what was your path to get there?
I am presently semi-retired and enjoying being a grandpa to my three grandchildren. I have been involved in IT software system projects in the Financial Services, Accounting, Insurance and Regulatory arena for over 30 years. When I left Saltus to pursue my further education at boarding school and then on to Queens University in Ontario, Canada I had no idea that I would end up becoming a Project Management Professional (PMP) in 2014. My path to get here had many twists and turns as I worked at Public accounting firms, Captive Insurance Companies and three of the four banks here in Bermuda in a variety of areas. This allowed me to hone my project management skills prior to obtaining the Project Management Professional designation in 2014.

How did your experience at Saltus impact you?
My 5 years at Saltus laid the foundation that gave me the greatest chance to be successful in both life and my professional career. Saltus taught me to set goals, plan my path, list my tasks and remain focused on the end goals no matter what “life” throws in front of you.

More importantly, Saltus gave me the opportunity to try, and even fail, at new things (Latin for example) but to always be prepared to pick myself up and continue to move forward despite the hiccups in my chosen path. The teachers at Saltus where always there to encourage you to learn and grow.

When I left Saltus I could view both successes and failures as merely steps to get closer to my ultimate life goals. I still keep this philosophy in mind today and every new project I undertake, whether it is in business or life, the things I learnt at Saltus about success and failures continue to help me achieve my goals.

What advice would you give Saltus students who are interested in reaching similar goals today?
My advice to each and every student at Saltus would be to accept the fact that life is a series of challenges, sometimes with failures, much like some days at Saltus, but if you remain focused on your goals you will achieve them, no matter how long it takes you. Remember to be persistent, ask questions of the people around you, accept that you might initially fail but learn from these inevitable failures and continue to move forward until the goal is reached. I can guarantee that you will feel much better about yourself when you try! When you reach my age, you realize that regretting not trying is worse than any regret of failure.