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The dedication of the Charles E. Marshall Technology Centre in the Secondary Design Technology (DT) Department took place on Friday, February 22nd.  A generous donation from Trustee Emeritus and past Saltus Association President, Mr. Charles E. Marshall, has allowed for the purchase of a state-of-the-art laser cutter able to produce two-dimensional work as well as a Denford Router 2600 Pro for cutting a range of materials to produce three-dimensional work.  Mr. Marshall’s donation also enabled the purchase of new workbenches, a new computer and TV screen, several new power hand tools, DT software, and overseas training for DT Technician, Mr. Mike Hooper. 

Mr. Marshall said: “It is not a question of making money but it is what you do with it, and being aware that you did not do this on your own. It was people from all walks of life who were responsible for my success -- people like Charles Collis, Francis Gosling, Cummings Zuill and Jack Chiappa – who I think were all Saltus alumni.   Most important of all were my family and the people who worked with me and for me over the years, and also the customers who supported me.  With success comes responsibility to make sure that the next generation is prepared for the challenges ahead, so this gift is from me to them, to be used wisely and for their future success, and to remind them of their responsibility to the generations that follow.”

At the dedication, a plaque was unveiled acknowledging that funding for this enterprise was provided by Mr. Marshall and his wife, Lesley. In addition to his wife and invited guests which  included the Headmaster, Chairman of the Board, Trustees, Trustees Emeritus, staff  and friends, two of Mr. Marshall’s four children were there -- Andrew and Anne Marie (Marshall) Porteous (Dr. Amanda Marshall and Ryan, Saltus class of 2000, were unable to attend).  DT Technician Mr. Mike Hooper demonstrated how the new CAD/CAM machines work, and several students presented projects they made using these machines.

According to DT Head Mr. Phillip Heap, “over the past two years, Design Technology at Saltus has been transformed into a high-tech department which can deliver those skills necessary to give students a leading edge for future college careers and employment.”  Students from S7 through the Saltus Graduate Years use a variety of CAD software such as Google SketchUp, Techsoft’s 2D Design, Solidworks and Pro/DESKTOP. These facilities allow students access to CAD/CAM manufacturing — the same computer software used by the automotive, aerospace and industrial design industries to create technical drawings and control machines to manufacture products. “Thanks to Mr. Marshall, students can manufacture their designs using the latest CAM equipment,” according to Mr. Heap.  “Students are taught the full design process -- from analytical research, marketing, designing with CAD, planning and construction techniques -- to turn their ideas into actual products.”

DT Head Mr. Heap and his colleagues, DT teacher Mr. Patrick Mahon and Bermudian technician Mr. Mike Hooper (’79), joined Saltus in 2010 as part of Headmaster Staunton’s push to revamp the DT department and make it a Centre of Excellence at the School.  Mr. Heap said that, thanks to Mr. Marshall, the DT Department’s CAD/CAM capabilities also will allow Saltus students to compete in the prestigious annual “F1 in Schools Challenge,” in which students around the world use CAD software to create100th-scale models of a Formula One car of the future and teams compete to design the fastest model.  “F1 in Schools is a UK-based initiative launched in 2000 to encourage students to follow careers in Engineering,” said Mr. Heap. “Plans are for a team of five Secondary students, ages 13 to 15, to go to the F1 Challenge this November in Austin, Texas.”

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“It is not a question of making money but it is what you do with it, and being aware that you did not do this on your own. It was people from all walks of life who were responsible for my success"  Charles Marshall


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