Upper Primary

Our Upper Primary Programme:

Our students are inherently curious with the appetite, ability and intellect to learn. This curiosity builds the foundation for academic success. The Upper Primary programme is cross-curricular in nature which supports students’ ability to transfer what they learn with us into their everyday lives. The fundamentals are taught both explicitly and through project and experiential learning opportunities.

The curriculum is responsive to the needs of our students as we encourage them to be active learners and deepen their understanding through questioning, exploring, and creating. The Upper Primary teachers work collaboratively with the children, documenting their wonderings, theories, and ideas to make their thinking visible. Students gain the skills to seek the answers to their questions, to form supported and reasoned opinions and to respect the contributions of their classmates.

The Upper Primary programme is inquiry-based and we honour the diversity of thought that each child brings to our learning space. We provide the time and space to master competencies like collaboration, critical thinking, and effective communication to be able to succeed both academically and in the world beyond school.

At Saltus, we ensure both academic excellence and student engagement through a combination of both internal and external measurements, benchmarking our curriculum against internationally recognised standards.