Saltus Elite Athlete Programme (SEAP)

Saltus Elite Athlete Programme (SEAP)
“Finding the balance between Academics, Athletics and Life”

Saltus Athletics has expanded its development and support of their student-athletes through the formation of the Saltus Elite Athlete Programme (SEAP) and the Emerging Elite Athlete Programme (EEAP).  Students that are competing at a high level (National) and are committed to fulfilling their maximum potential will be eligible to apply.
Main Objectives of SEAP
  • To provide a flexible and supportive learning environment where elite athletes can continue to excel at their sport as well as achieve academic success.
  • To prepare potential college bound student-athletes both athletically and academically for overseas scholarship opportunities
  • Programmed academic support while balancing athletic demands
  • NCAA registration support
  • SAT / ACT preparation and registration
  • Time management, goal setting and communication skills
  • Yearly US Student-Athletes University Tour
  • Overseas ID Camps and college showcase opportunities
  • Join the NSCA recruiting agency
  • SEAP T-shirt for students in the programme to be worn on their SEAP training days
  • Partner with local sporting bodies and coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning sessions
  • Speed & Agility sessions
  • Nutrition education
  • Injury and recovery management
  • Player profile development
  • Guest speakers
  • Must be a member of a National Programme or equivalent
  • Work towards realizing your full potential in athletics and academics
  • Maintain a grade average that is reflective of the student’s ability
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that meets with the school’s expectations and rules
  • Be respectful to coaches and follow their directions
  • Participate in school sporting events where appropriate
  • Catch up on work missed in class
  • Signed contract between school, student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian(s)