Saltus Welcomes E. Michael Leverock and Ian Cook to the Board of Trustees

Saltus Grammar School is pleased to welcome two new trustees to its Board of Trustees - E. Michael Leverock and Ian Cook. The Saltus Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the school as well as setting the future vision of the school. Current members of the Saltus Board of Trustees include Board Chair, Gil Tucker ‘71; Alexander Green ‘96; Chris Coleman; Douglas Mello ‘90; Jonathan Reiss ‘87; Kevin Dallas ‘96; Robert Cooney; Sacha Simmons; Vanessa Pickering, and Tammy Richardson ‘89.
Mr. Cook has 20 years of wide-ranging senior management experience providing fiscal, strategic, and operational leadership in the UK and Bermuda. In 2018, Mr. Cook founded the Sargasso Consultancy in Bermuda which continues to provide professional advice to business operations and digital transformations while also taking on the role of Regulatory Manager for the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority. That same year, Mr. Cook, a committed Saltus parent, joined the Saltus Building Committee.
Mr. Leverock, also a Saltus parent, brings with him extensive Board and C-Suite level experience comprising of independent directorships, infrastructure and financial services regulation, and company oversight, with over two decades of progressive, business management and startup experience, in the engineering, ICT, financial services, and energy sectors. He is a co-founder of Bermuda Digital Communications (BDC) Ltd. which conducted business in Bermuda under the name CellularOne, then CellOne, and is now operating under the banner of One Communications Ltd.
Commenting on the addition of these two esteemed community members, Board Chair Mr. Gil Tucker said, “Mr. Leverock and Mr. Cook each bring a wealth of expertise from their respective industries to the Board. I have no doubt that their skills, experience, and strong connections in Bermuda will strengthen our Board and enrich our school community.”

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