Athletics Overview

Saltus Elite Athlete Programme (SEAP)

Saltus Elite Athlete Programme (SEAP)
“Finding the balance between Academics, Athletics and Life”

Saltus Athletics has expanded its development and support of their student-athletes through the formation of the Saltus Elite Athlete Programme (SEAP) and the Emerging Elite Athlete Programme (EEAP).  Students that are competing at a high level (National) and are committed to fulfilling their maximum potential will be eligible to apply.
Main Objectives of SEAP
  • To provide a flexible and supportive learning environment where elite athletes can continue to excel at their sport as well as achieve academic success.
  • To prepare potential college bound student-athletes both athletically and academically for overseas scholarship opportunities
  • Programmed academic support while balancing athletic demands
  • NCAA registration support
  • SAT / ACT preparation and registration
  • Time management, goal setting and communication skills
  • Yearly US Student-Athletes University Tour
  • Overseas ID Camps and college showcase opportunities
  • Join the NSCA recruiting agency
  • SEAP T-shirt for students in the programme to be worn on their SEAP training days
  • Partner with local sporting bodies and coaches
  • Strength & Conditioning sessions
  • Speed & Agility sessions
  • Nutrition education
  • Injury and recovery management
  • Player profile development
  • Guest speakers
  • Must be a member of a National Programme or equivalent
  • Work towards realizing your full potential in athletics and academics
  • Maintain a grade average that is reflective of the student’s ability
  • Conduct yourself in a manner that meets with the school’s expectations and rules
  • Be respectful to coaches and follow their directions
  • Participate in school sporting events where appropriate
  • Catch up on work missed in class
  • Signed contract between school, student-athlete and parent(s)/guardian(s)