Saltus Facilities

Learning Commons

The Saltus Learning Commons is a well resourced and inviting space, designed to increase student engagement and empower student achievement. Learners in this space have an opportunity to engage in self study, develop important research skills, and conduct explorations in all content areas. The space provides opportunities for students to learn and inquire about the world and delve into issues that matter to them.

In this space, students have an opportunity to be creative, to be challenged and most importantly to be curious which sets the stage for lifelong learning. As well, the design of the Learning Commons space allows for individual work, small group collaborations and large group connections. Head of School Julie Rousseau shared “this is the place where learning isn’t about collecting the dots, but rather connecting them through cross-curricular partnerships that boost critical thinking, problem-solving, decision making and communicating abilities. It is a place where students and adults can take risks and experiment with new ways of learning.” She added that, “being immersed in this type of learning environment in Middle and Senior School can allow for broader, and perhaps clearer, choices for high school and postsecondary aspirations.”