Senior School

Our Senior School Programme

The Senior School curriculum is based upon a strong academic foundation of scholarly excellence. It is also continually adapting and responding to the changing demands of tomorrow’s educational requirements. The curriculum is well researched, pulling from respected and established curricula from across the globe. 

The programme recognises that skills of collaboration, communication, and leadership are crucial to success at the tertiary level and beyond. We develop student agency through voice and choice as students are able to have increasing control over pathways and course selections which will ultimately shape their future.

In Senior School, students are offered a wide variety of Advanced Placement and high school level courses that allow them to delve deeply into particular pathways or to sample a wider array of courses for a well-rounded approach. We ensure both academic excellence and student engagement through a combination of both internal and external measurements, benchmarking our curriculum against internationally recognised standards.

The programme is customisable to suit the needs, dreams, interests and stretch the abilities of our students. The flexibility of our Senior School is a cornerstone of our university application process and is favourably viewed by colleges and universities the world over. We strive to provide real-world experiences for students to learn beyond the classroom through local and global partnerships. At Saltus, there is a dedicated University Guidance Counselor as well as an experienced team of people who support students throughout their time at Saltus in their course selection, university exploration and application.