Learning Support

Learning Support at Saltus

The early years of school are important for every child, but for those who find learning difficult, every one of these years is critical. Powerful early intervention can change the path of a child’s educational journey.

Learning Support endeavours to meet the needs of students whose academic performance is consistently disparate to their overall measured ability. Recognising that students excel and struggle in unique ways, our team of Learning Strategists partner with classroom teachers to explore and identify challenges for students who may require additional support to realise their own potential. 

When students face challenges beyond teaching and learning, we partner with a wide network of resources in the community. Some of these resources include The Reading Clinic, Child and Adolescent Services, speech and language therapists, educational/clinical Psychologists, occupational/physical therapists, behavior therapists and pediatricians.

Parents and families are by far the most important influence in a child's life and your involvement will play a vital role at all stages of your child's education. Learning Support will continue to promote an active collaboration between the home and school which serves to strengthen the effectiveness of the quality education we provide at Saltus.