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Bermuda Youth Film Festival

Welcome to the Bermuda Youth Film Festival

Open island wide to all students aged 11 – 18 years. Students must be currently enrolled at a local public or private school**.

This is a new event designed to capture the current increase in student interest in filmmaking.

To submit your film submission:
1. Create your film and upload to YouTube
2. Email your YouTube link to this email with the Film Submission Form, Teacher Acknowledgment Form, Actor's Release and Location Agreement Forms attached. 
It is that easy! 

**If you are homeschooled, please email the organiser to seek guidance on how to have your film endorsed. 


Too Young for Romance
(Best Film & Best Narrative)
Cookie Chaos
(Best Production & Best Actor)
(Best Actor)
(Best Graphics)
Bermuda's One and Only Ice
(Up and Coming)
The Importance of Sleep
(Best Documentary & Best Middle School Film)
Day in the Life of a Teenage Phone
(Best Use of Signature Item)
The Backstage Horror 
(Best Sound)
Attack of the Easter Bunny
(Best Genre Film)
  • Films MUST be planned, shot and edited by a student from the age category indicated. However students are strongly encouraged to cast ‘age appropriate’ to maintain the integrity of the narrative eg. adults played by adults.
  • Films can be shot on any form of filming device; smart phone or video camera
  • Films must be a NARRATIVE or DOCUMENTARY that uses the art of film making to tell a story
    • To clarify, that means no music videos, Tiktoks or abstract art films, the films should also NOT be a camera just pointed at an actor or actors performing.
  • Films MUST NOT depict nudity, weapons, actual violence, suicide or any footage that may suggest that actors or animals have been placed at risk during the filming.
  • Films MUST credit the source of any music used. If the artist is local then they should also sign an actor’s release form. **Please be mindful of YouTube protocols regarding well-known artist’s music.**
  • Students may only submit ONE ENTRY per film category but schools may enter multiple entries by different film makers
  • Email if you wish to clarify anything regarding these restrictions 
  • Students may submit their films independently of a school course but must have a member of their teaching staff endorse their submission to confirm that the film has been viewed by an adult and deemed to meet the above criteria. (Teacher Acknowledgement Form can be found below)
  • Films must be uploaded to YouTube and the link shared to the email provided along with the authorisation form. Actor release forms should be signed by ALL actors to confirm that they are happy for their image to be shown to a public audience. Location agreement forms should be signed by anyone who owns any property where filming may take place, other than public spaces, the school or personal home of the film makers. These forms will be required should your film(s) be chosen for viewing. If not provided upon request the film will be disqualified.  
Bermuda Youth Film Festival Judges

List of 3 items.

We will hold various workshops next year - watch this space!

Workshop Recap & Helpful Links - May 7, 2022
New one will be announced!

A signature item is for the purpose of identifying that the film was produced for the express purpose of the Festival in the year of the current Festival.
The signature item is an item that must appear somewhere in the film at some point during the narrative (not in the credits). It may appear as an image in the background, a logo, an ornament, item of jewelry, poster, emblem, live footage incorporating the item or any other form at the filmmakers discretion. It may even be used as a key element or feature of the film. For eg. For 2022 the longtail may be a brooch on a shirt, an earring, a sticker on the wall in the background of a scene, a cut-away shot of the bird flying, or any minimally invasive usage. Or you could even make a film about Longtails to feature the item.

  • 60 second sprint
  • 1-3 minute short shorts
  • 60 second sprint
  • 1-3 minute short shorts
  • 3-5 minute shorts

Final Submission - 
Judging - 

Screening at BUEI - 

Thank you to our 2022 donors for prizes: 
A.F. Smith, KFC, PTech, Speciality Cinema and Saltus


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