The Saltus Difference

Advanced Placement

The Advantage of Our Advanced Placement Programme 

Since 1975, Saltus has offered a robust and growing Advanced Placement Programme.

Supported by the internationally recognised College Board (, the AP Programme at Saltus encourages students  to engage in advanced discussions about complex issues; solve problems individually and collectively; and write clearly and persuasively. Students experience the discipline required for university level achievement which steels their resolve and enhances their confidence. 

Universities located in North America , the United Kingdom, and Europe look at AP exams as one of the indicators that qualify students for the rigours of post-secondary education. Students may even receive special designations from the College Board for excelling in these studies. 

The Benefits for Our Saltus Students 
  • Boosts their GPA 
  • Develops college-level academic skills 
  • Gives them course flexibility 
  • Shows college readiness 
  • Enriches learning 
  • Strengthens transcript 
  • Demonstrates academic rigor 
  • Disciplined study habits 
  • Faster graduation rate with advanced credit
  • Higher university acceptance rates