The Saltus Difference

Portrait of a Graduate

The Saltus Difference is orchestrated to bring students through a highly coordinated progression of learning from Foundation Year right through to the end of high school; resulting in a student with skills, intellectual curiosity, academic and social confidence and a maturity to tackle the challenges put before them. We strive to create students who personify the following: 

- A GLOBAL CITIZEN who embraces the diversity of culture, language, and values within their local and wider community and whose curiosity empowers them to make a positive impact.

- A SKILLFUL COMMUNICATOR who is empathetic, listens actively, speaks purposefully and creates meaningful connections.

PERSISTENT in the face of adversity, showing strength and perseverance in order to achieve their goals.

- An ADAPTABLE AND FLEXIBLE LEARNER who thinks creatively, seeks and considers multiple viewpoints, and is equipped to approach complex problems confidently.

- A CRITICAL THINKER whose intellectual curiosity prepares them to navigate a fast paced, ever changing world.