The Saltus Difference

Programme Highlights

Saltus is proud of its excellent standard of education and offers more than the strength of our academic programme to students. Whether inside or outside of the classroom, our programme highlights are tied to pathways created for student learning. 

STEM - Science, technology, engineering and math are emphasised at Saltus because this group of academic pursuits are critical to students’ success in the future. Courses in these fields are well subscribed and lead our graduates into a multitude of disciplines within the sector. 

Arts - The Arts encourage independence, develop confidence and rely on collaboration to expand the segment of the brain that thrives on creativity. Developing artists have many of opportunities at Saltus through music ensembles, drama, media and the visual arts.

Athletics - Saltus Athletics offers over 60 different athletic team options. Our students participate in events coordinated by the Bermuda School Sports Federation. Saltus also offers an Elite Athlete Programme to support the development of athletes who aspire to compete at a collegiate level. We have also been awarded the prestigious National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA Accreditation). 

Programme Flexibility - Saltus offers Advanced Placement courses which culminate with exams that are externally assessed and are equivalent to a first year college/university courses. However, other external exams are offered in some cases including a College Level Examination (CLEP) for Sociology and an A-Level in Drama. Additionally, internal course options are offered to provide maximum flexibility for student pathways.

Capstone Programme - Saltus is the only school in Bermuda to be fully accredited to offer the AP Capstone Programme including the prestigious AP Capstone diploma. Capstone is a diploma programme, based on two year long AP courses: AP Seminar and AP Research. Rather the focus on subject-specific content, Capstone focuses on skills such as research, analysis, evidence-based arguments, collaboration, writing, and presenting. 

Additional programme highlights are focused on our learning environment and opportunities created outside of the classroom:

- Collaboration Spaces - Saltus offers interesting spaces throughout both campuses to facilitate collaboration and learning outside of the traditional classroom.

- Project Based Learning Opportunities - The primary years at Saltus are built on a foundation of Reggio inspired project-based learning. Our goal is the spark students’ love of learning and their innate ability to problem solve and look at issues from different perspectives.

- Community Outreach Programme - Saltus encourages students to lead their own service initiatives or join in school led or local programmes that serve and inspire our community, such as Duke of Edinburgh, World Challenge and Your Net. 

- Clubs - Saltus offers a range of clubs to cater for all interests. Eco-club, Bridge, Chess, Debate & Public Speaking, are just a small selection of what is on offer. Students are also encouraged to start their own clubs with a robust application process guiding them along the way. 

- Work Study Programme
- Senior students have elements of entrepreneurial and organisational development built in to their learning experience. With the cooperation of local and international businesses located in Bermuda, our work study programme creates an opportunity for students to experience what it's like to thrive in the workplace.