The Key

Our Vision
Inspiring students to lead us to a more just, fair and sustainable world.
Welcome to The Key, the Saltus strategy that will secure a bright future for our school and our students.
Saltus is prepared to meet the future with a clear vision, a thoughtful approach to tackling challenges and the determination to take our place among the world's top schools.

Our Strategy
The four pillars that comprise the Saltus strategy are the beacons that will guide our journey to achieve the goals we've set out. Our goals are ambitious. But if we keep the dreams and aspirations of our students front and centre, we are even more determined to help achieve them.

Our vision is our ambition.
It is the thing we strive for and what keeps us engaged and passionate. Saltus believes that students - young people - are the keys to a better future. They will have a role to play on the world stage that can be the game changer in so many badly-needed ways. That's why we must be a community that unleashes their power and prepares them to tackle the challenges that weaken and divide us.
Be the First Choice for Top Faculty and All Deserving Students 

A community is greater than the sum of its parts. The people who come together to create the Saltus community, form a special connection - a unity with a singular mission - to support the aspirations of our children. So, we want the very best, brightest and most passionate individuals to join this world and be empowered to make their unique contribution.
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Assert Our Place Among the World's Leaders in Education 

The foundation of an education environment is its programme. In today's environment, that is never a fixed thing. Education is dynamic, constantly evolving to meet the needs of our students. To be a leader in education today, means having agility, resources and ingrained curiosity that seeks powerful ways to connect, learn and empower young minds.
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Establish and International Reputation for Innovation and Excellence 

Saltus is a proud and long-standing member of the Bermuda community with a rich history and heritage. We are also evolving with the times and looking toward the future with confidence.
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Build a Solid and Stable Resource Platform 

Unblocking our ambitions for the future requires sustainable and reliable resources. Saltus will build the basis for ongoing strength by enhancing financial resources and broadening our appeal to families in Bermuda and around the world.
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A Great Plan Needs Great People
The Saltus team came together with our entire community to think deeply about our needs and creatively about the solutions. And so, The Key was born.

The commitment of our Board of Trustees and the passion of Saltus staff and faculty brought us to this place. All of that energy will be needed as we bring the plan to life. And there's no shortage of that at Saltus.

The driving force that motivates us all is the look of amazement on a student's face when they discover something new.